Teel manufactures a variety of products for the water treatment market, including piping, tubing, and MBBR products. We have the regulatory expertise and certifications to assist with material selection and part design and have experience extruding FDA- and NSF-approved materials. In addition to offering both extruded and injection-molded components, we can also perform machining operations, secondary assembly, and kitting operations. We have engineering resources skilled in the implementation of automated solutions to reduce cost and improve part precision. See here for more information on Teel’s permeate tubes for the water filtration and dairy markets. Permeate tube samples


  • Extrusion and injection molding
  • Automated machining and assembly operations
  • Custom solutions development
  • Proficient at consistently delivering parts with extremely tight tolerances
  • Regulatory evaluations for materials


  • Wide range of prime & wide spec materials available
  • REACH & RohS compliant materials

Product Specifications

  • Capable of producing tubes in diameters ranging from 0.025˝ to 10˝


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