Multiple types of teel swabs

Swab Sticks

Swab Sticks

Teel is a leader in injection molded and extruded medical swabs sticks. In addition to diagnostic testing (including COVID-19 testing), our swabs are used for forensic analysis, scientific analysis, and safety testing in the food processing market. We can help you design a swab specific to your needs, and our ISO 9001 and 13485 certifications demonstrate our commitment to quality. All of our swabs are USA made at our headquarters in Baraboo, Wisconsin. 

Teel production capabilities include automatic packaging and end-of-arm tooling, meaning faster production times and easier part sorting. Typical swab dimension tolerances are 0.010 for length, 0.003 for OD, and 0.002 for roundness (0.006 for PP and PE).

Teel flocked swab handles running on injection molding machine

Material Options

• Polystyrene
• Polypropylene
• Polyethylene
• Nylon
• Proprietary Teel polystyrene blend
• Coextrusion with two different materials

Injection Molded Swab Options

• Scored
• Thin tip for flocking
• Bulb tip for foam 

Extruded Swab Options

• Serrated
• Hollow
• Solid
• Breakable

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