regulatory team

Regulatory Team

Regulatory Team

Teel uses an internal Regulatory Team to allow us to quickly assess new regulations, determine their impact on our products, and conduct gap assessments.  Our team includes our Director of Quality, our Lab Manager, and In-house Counsel. This team has distinct and assigned roles for working on new regulations requested by our customers.





In-house Counsel: Our in-house counsel is able to read and interpret regulations and rules for markets. He is able to find regulations and determine what standards and rules apply to the markets we participate in, and provide guidance to Teel in maintaining compliance. Christian Herrild has been with Teel since 2011 and has been a member of the regulatory team since 2013.  Christian graduated cum laude from University of Wisconsin – Madison Law School in 2012 and earned his MBA from the UW School of Business in 2011. He has a strong technical background, with undergraduate degrees in both Mathematics and Chemistry from Marquette University, where he won several awards for his chemistry work as an undergraduate. Christian oversees company strategy and our project management system. He also works with industry trade groups to stay ahead of the changing regulatory landscape for our products. 


Lab Manager: Our lab manager manages all needed testing programs and internal documentation. This ensures documents are technically accurate and controlled and contracted testing is performed according to the highest standards. It also allows information to be kept confidential through independent and secure servers. This has allowed us to work with proprietary and trade secret formulary information when needed. Dan Clark is the Laboratory Manager at Teel Analytical Labs and has been with the company since 2014. Dan has a BS in Biochemistry, and his analytical laboratory experience includes cGMP pharmaceutical lab testing as well as production and quality chemist roles in the solar and alternative fuel industries. Dan now specializes in plastics testing of raw materials, in-process and final products, R&D work and failure analysis. In this role, he works closely with Teel’s quality department, new process and product development team, sales, marketing, production, and Teel’s customers on a regular basis. Dan is also on the board of the Polymer Analysis Division of SPE.


Director of Quality: Our director of quality has the final say on compliance issues as an independent voice. He reviews information provided on regulations and testing and determines whether we comply or not. He provides certifications to our customers as needed and works to assist them with results interpretation. Mike Faust has been Teel’s Director of Quality since 2017. Mike has a BS in Industrial Technology and is an ASQ-certified quality engineer. Prior to working at Teel, Mike was an operations manager for a provider of high-volume injection molded components and tubing extrusions. Mike has also held roles as plant manager, quality manager, and engineer.



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