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Industrial Pipe

Teel extrudes polyethylene gas pipe, conduit, microduct, multiduct, PA-12 and PVDF pipe. Our piping products meet or exceed the applicable ASTM test standards and can be used in numerous applications where resistance to cracking, corrosion, or chemicals are critical for durability and longevity. Teel’s industrial polyethylene pipe is manufactured with standard colors and markings, but can be custom striped or printed for identification for large orders. Standard packaging configurations are available, and custom reel and stick lengths are available for larger projects. 

Gas Pipe

Teel has been using technical knowledge and world-class systems to manufacture products in the pressure pipe and oil and gas markets for years. Teel produces standard medium density PE and high density PE options as well as cutting-edge PA 12 pipe. Our gas pipe is suitable for natural gas, meter, and LPG/propane applications and meets regulatory and performance standards for uses between 80 psi and 250 psi depending on material.


Teel’s HDPE conduit, for which we have received a PPI Project of the Year Award, is suitable for fiber optic, power wire, CATV, telecommunication, and other duct applications. We keep conduit in stock and can offer quick-response shipping on standard items.


Teel’s microduct provides a clean, continuous, low-friction pathway for fiber optic cables. It is the ideal product for slot-cutting and ploughing in urban settings. Teel’s microduct features JetGlide additive to reduce friction and make installation even easier. It can be used as an innerduct for installation in existing conduits as well.  


Teel’s multiduct combines multiple Teel microducts with JetGlide into a joined pathway. A variety of innerduct configurations are available including options with toning wires and rip cords.


Teel can manufacture piping in the high-strength, chemically resistant material PVDF. PVDF pipe is suitable for industries ranging from food processing to oil and gas to chemical processing and more.


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