healthcare flex PVC tubing

Flex PVC

Flex PVC

Teel Plastics is an experienced supplier of flexible PVC tubing for medical applications.  We have manufactured PVC tubing for the medical market for over thirty years and have the cutting edge equipment needed to make tubing that is both high quality and economical. Our time in the market gives us experience running a large variety of different PVC grades and durometers from multiple suppliers.

PVC tubing is a workhorse product in the medical market because of its excellent combination of price, durability, chemical resistance, and flexibility. This makes PVC the material of choice in many tubing applications, such as IV lines, enteral feeding, smoke evacuation tubing, irrigation, fluid transfer, and insufflation tubing. 

PVC is an excellent material choice for many applications and has a wide array of options. Let Teel work with you to pick the right tubing for your application. 

Common PVC Tubing Options:

  • USP Class VI Approved Materials
  • DEHP and Non-phthalate Plasticizers 
  • Clear or Frost Finishes
  • Gamma Sterilization Compatibility 
  • Multilumen Configurations
  • Cut Lengths and Coils

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