Teel’s team of experts is ready to work with you to design a part and process that is ready for implementation.  Starting from a blank sheet of paper?  No problem.  We have a team of technical experts ready to assist with everything from material selection and part dimensions to packaging and shipping.  Have a part that you need improved?  We are happy to take on projects where others have not been able to succeed.



Teel follows a well-developed stage gate process within its project management system. We are experienced in designing everything from simple parts too complicated production processes and can scale our system accordingly.

We follow a design for manufacturability philosophy and make sure parts are developed that work right the first time and our experience makes sure nothing is overlooked as we go through the process of design.  In addition, we have the latest technical tools and a full service analytical lab we can use to both cut down on development time and design a better end product. 


Design Tools

Teel uses both digital and real world tools and techniques to improve part design. We have CAD software with mold and die flow capability. This allows to model everything from die balance to shot cycle times before we start producing physical parts. We can work to minimize frequently seen issues, like sink marks and mating part fit, in manufacturing. We can also do design work to combine parts or simplify downstream manufacturing steps when we understand the process.

Teel has SLA printing capabilities that can be used to create 3D models of parts in days instead of weeks at a much lower cost. We can also create mud molds and do prototyping in the actual material on the actual machine for better feedback on form, fit, and function.

Put our tools to use for you.