coextrusion multilayer resins



Teel was a pioneer in developing coextrusion technology for many applications. Today we frequently use coextrusion to help customers solve challenging problems with part functionality.

Coextrusion is the process of extruding more than one different kind of plastic into a part simultaneously. The secondary layers can be used for many different part improvements.  Including barrier layers, chemical resistance, improved part lubricity, cost reduction, and detectability among others. Hard and soft materials can also be included in the same part to create rigid and flexible sections for profile functionality.

Parts using coextruded processes need to be carefully engineered to ensure the materials are compatible, will not delaminate during use, and impart the desired benefit. Teel has over thirty years of experience in material selection and process development for coextruded products. We have capabilities ranging from 0.100” OD up to 4” OD and from two to seven layers.

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