Frequently Asked Questions

What size range does Teel Plastics offer for custom plastic tubing?

From 0.015" O.D. to 9.0" O.D.

Does Teel Plastics stock or provide off the shelf products?

No, everything Teel Plastics manufactures is an order made to our customer's precise specifications.

What is your tooling size range?

For mono-layer tubing, Teel Plastics has in-house capabilities up to 9.0” O.D. For coextrusion, Teel Plastics has tooling for up to 3.00” O.D.

What types of materials does Teel Plastics extrude?

Teel Plastics can extrude up to 90 different thermoplastic materials. Some common materials that we extrude are Polyethylene, Polystyrene, Polypropylene, ABS and Nylon.

Does Teel Plastics extrude Teflon or Silicone?

No, it is not one of our specialties.

What materials are Teel’s plastic cores typically extruded out of?

Polystyrene and Polyethylene.

Does Teel Plastics manufacture multilayered (coextruded) tubing?

Yes, we can process a tube with up to 6 layers.

How many locations and manufacturing plants does Teel Plastics have?

Teel Plastics has 3 manufacturing plants all located in Baraboo, Wisconsin.

Does Teel Plastics offer to do first article inspections on newly manufactured product?

Yes, inspections are done on new products to ensure that customers only receive a quality product.

Does Teel Plastics offer PPAP (production, parts, approval and process) for its automotive tubing?

Yes, PPAP is included as part of Teel Plastics’ quality system for automotive tubing.

How long has Teel Plastics been in business?

Teel Plastics was founded in 1951 by W.F. "Pete" Teelin, and is currently owned by the Jay L. Smith family.

If there is anything else you need to know, please feel free to contact us!