Achieving Optimal Outcomes

“Quality at Teel Plastics is true customer service and satisfaction”, a statement from many of our valued customers.

Quality starts at the beginning of the complete process by understanding our customers’ needs and wants. At Teel Plastics, we differentiate ourselves by being a leader in the Plastics Industry by understanding the “Critical-to-Quality” attributes in the early stages before the development portion of the process starts.

The “needs” are the important segment that must be met for a successful and timely Development Process. Once the needs are understood and engineered in to the tooling and extrusion process, we will engineer as many “wants” as possible without sacrificing other attributes. 

“Critical-to-Quality” attributes describe the Form, Fit & Function of a product necessary to fulfill our customers’ expectations.

Form is the attribute that describes the aesthetics of the part. If the part is a tube, the Inside Dimension (ID), Outside Dimension (OD) and wall thickness are critical. If it is a profile, the designer’s form determines what portions must be square and true.

Fit describes how a part interfaces in its environment with other mating components. In a tube the Inside Dimension (ID) or the Outside Dimension (OD) may be critical if the part must fit into or around another part. Profile tolerances are critical to allow fit up or interference with other components.

Function is the attribute that combines the aesthetics with environmental requirements. Such requirements may include a part being subjected to outdoor UV rays (Ultra Violet). In this case the part must be in a thermoplastic that contains UV inhibitors and with a HDT (Heat Distortion Temperature) above its operation range.

Teel Plastics positions itself as a leader in the industry by subscribing to Dr. Deming’s principles of statistical process control and the use of statistics throughout the product development stage into production. Understanding the “mean” of a product and its standard deviation predicts dimensions and attributes to determine the ultimate tolerances that can be achieved on a given product line. Being a leader in extrusion and pultrusion can only be garnered by understanding the Critical-to-Quality attributes and engineering them into the extrusion process.

Teel Plastics’ Quality System is ISO9001:2008 certified and has the ability to manufacture in a class 100,000 clean room.

Lean Enterprise is implemented in all facilities.