Plastic Profiles

Teel Plastics specializes in custom plastic profile extrusion and fabrication

Plastic profile extrusion requires that the processor understand the end product form, fit and function. At Teel Plastics, we use these components to help our customers design and determine the materials needed to meet the product requirements. NSF, UL or a particular medical requirement are part of the standard design process at Teel Plastics. In profile design we look for methods which can reduce product costs as well as increase the intelligence the part can offer in your design. The use of co-extrusion, cross head dies and dual durometer compounds enables us to add value.

Typical profile extrusions have equal walls on outside edges and the internal walls are typically thinner by 20%. This reduces sink or draw marks that are inherent in the process. The use of vacuum sizing enables us to control the size and look of the part. We can create glossy and matte finish on the same part – enabling you to reduce SKU’s in your design.

The sizing methods used on profiles can be dependent upon the material selection.

  • Olefins require a non-contact sizing process we term as bulk head sizing – which uses vacuum in specific plates with a water tank. The ability to draw vacuum maintains a smooth and crisp finish on the product while maintaining dimensions.
  • ABS, PVC, HIPS materials direct sizing is possible. This process uses WEDM (wire electro-discharge machines) calibrators that have vacuum orifices with cooling water to size the product. This enables us to provide a crisp profile at high output rates.
  • Flexible profiles made of FPVC, TPE’s, TPR’s require standard sizing plates – which control the shape of the product after exiting the die.
  • Cross head dies used in conjunction with metal to create profile dies is unique – but one we have become very proficient at. The use of a material that is drawing down and one that have no draw down requires a thorough understanding of the profile extrusion process.

Our design process and supplier network at Teel Plastics allows us to offer material alternatives as well as process variations that drive costs out and technology in. The use of specific materials in our dies and sizing technologies reduce wear and increase our process window. This enables us to run high line speeds with minimal line labor costs.

Our experience in die design and product sizing is supported by strategic toolmakers with a history of creating profile dies. We can produce the following dies depending upon your product/project status:

  • Prototype/Flat back
    • Typically capable of 1000 feet of product
  • Semi-streamlined
    • Minimal round to profile definition
    • Used with Olefin’s and low degradation materials
    • CNC lead-in profile
  • Fully Stream-lined
    • Round to profile completely defined
    • CNC lead-in profile
    • Bridges and bridge drops for no-sink and wall marriage
  • Sizing techniques
    • Atmospheric Sizing
    • Vacuum Calibration (dry or wet sizing)
    • PSP (Profile-head Sizing Plates) – used with direct water cooling
    • PPS (Profile Plate Sizing) – used with air cooling

Do you have a profile that needs intelligence – contact Teel Plastics. We add value to our customers designs with ideas that “LAsST®” (“Longevity Assistance and Strategic Technology”). Our team can reduce part assembly, costs and project lead-time in your profile designs.

Our plastic profile markets include:

  • Appliance profiles
  • Automotive profiles
  • Point of purchase (POP) display profiles
  • Furniture profiles
  • Industrial profiles
  • Aerospace profiles
  • Refrigerator profiles