PE 3608 & PE 4710 Geothermal Pipe | High Density Polyethylene Pipe

Our Geothermal Pipe is manufactured from high density polyethylene (HDPE) that meets or exceeds ASTM D3350 cell classification 345464C (PE 3608) & 445576C (PE 4710). It is listed by the Plastic Pipe Institute in PPI TR-4 with HDB ratings of 1600 psi at 73.4°F and 1000 psi at 140°F.

  • NSF® 14 & 61
  • NSF® potable water
  • ASTM D3035 & D3350
  • AWWA C901 & C906 requirements

Permanent printing - indent printing is clear and permanent

Footage markings - sequential footage markings are indent printed on the coils every 2 feet to assist with proper depth settings in borehole installations

Quality Control Code – included in each pipe’s indent print line is a quality control code that provides a lasting reference to all of the pertinent information related to the production of that coil

Securely packaged - whether in coils or lengths, pipe is securely packaged with plastic banding and stacks of coils are stretch wrapped

Multiple offerings - available in multiple coil lengths, straight lengths, loops, SDRs and with installed U bends

Ductile and flexible - allows for easier trench and down hole installation

Performance capabilities - excellent chemical and aggressive soil resistance

Thermally conductive - Two times as thermally conductive as PVC

Reverse wound loops - coils can be reverse wound upon request

Teel Plastics offers a 50 year limited warranty on all PE 3608 & PE 4710 Geothermal Pipe