Teel Plastics Sponsors “Screens for Teens”

Teel Plastics Sponsors UW Madison - Arts Institute’s “Screens for Teens” at Baraboo High School! 

Baraboo High School students viewed a special screening of Rwanda & Juliet by filmmaker Ben Proudfoot. After the screening the students attended a skype Q&A discussion with the filmmaker.

The Screens for Teens event at Baraboo High School was a huge success. There were 265 students in attendance!

Rwanda & Juliet is about Dartmouth Professor Emeritus Andrew Garrod who travels to Rwanda to mount a production of Romeo & Juliet that features members of both the Hutu and Tutsi tribes a mere two decades after inter-tribal genocide has occurred. The journey towards opening night is fraught with financial and interpersonal tensions, setbacks, and against-the-odds triumphs. This layered, nuanced documentary gets to the heart of the matter by giving us a clear-eyed example of why Shakespeare is as relevant and important today as ever before.