New Product Development Capabilities

Our New Product Development (NPD) capabilities start with a discussion about an idea and the unique qualities that create value to our customer. These qualities are enhanced with Teel’s design input for material(s), process, tooling and inspection protocol. Our ability to offer an abundance of materials for use in your application most likely will result in a product with more value than initially thought. These material offerings can be in a mono, co-extrusion or tri-extrusion to name a few, and we have many products that are above the tri-level composition. Teel also compounds and extrudes unique custom products.

Many times a customer would like to create prototype samples to complete preliminary product testing or marketing reviews. Our team can create tooling that is just for this with all secondary fabrication and finishing criteria included. The production of parts may also include components that are needed to fit into or around to complete the assembly. We can provide design assistance with components as well as the material selection for weathering, impact or regulatory compliance.

Our tooling design and creation process includes many aspects our customers have come to depend upon from Teel that include:

  • Steel selection from tool steel to powdered stainless steels
  • Plating including chrome, nitride or exotic finishes which improve tool longevity and performance
  • Heater bands are standardized and the thermocouple location is defined to minimize process variation
  • Extrusion screw configurations that are capable of processing a wide spectrum of materials
  • Resin recipes that enable you to meet the toughest environmental or physical testing required
  • Downstream equipment is capable of creating burr free end cuts with tight length tolerances that eliminate secondary operations
  • Our tooling standards are driven to provide the largest process window while meeting our customers’ form, fit and function requirements
  • Stereo lithography (SLA), soft tooling, CNC, laser or water jet cutting of samples is available thru our network of product and process development specialist
  • FEA, structural analysis, chemical testing, and physical testing are some of the features we may offer or complete based on the needs of your application

The development phase of our NPD activities is a cornerstone of our success with the commercialization of your product. A dedicated team is put in place to strategically manage all facets of the program. Our team can research materials, create tooling and equipment that is specifically designed for your process and part. Teel can develop inspection and assembly techniques that result in a fully streamlined process.