Customer Partnerships | New Product Development

Natural Fiber Composites, Fiber Reinforced  Teeldas, a subsidiary of Teel Plastics, is a custom compounding, analytical lab and extrusion manufacturing facility. We continue to look for unique partnerships to develop and manufacture custom compounded and extruded products.

We utilize our extensive knowledge in materials and processing in all stages of our new product development programs that exceed our customer expectations. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing centers in extrusion and compounding enables us to expand the technology platforms available at Teel Plastics to our customers. Teel Plastics continues to look for unique partnerships to develop and manufacture custom compounded and extruded products.

Our partnership with equipment, material and processing suppliers creates a seamless transition that our customers have come to expect. Our philosophy of partnering with our customers and suppliers allows us to drive continuous improvement through-out our company and to apply new processing tools and materials to keep our customer’s products precise and cost competitive. These improvements enable us to redefine our process and change in ways many manufactures only dream of.

We continue to build our relationships with customers and business leaders in completing what others consider impossible. Our ability to see our customer’s vision and apply our technologies and experience to the creation of a product that is unique is a value we believe you as a partner will value in the product launch.

The utilization of the Stage-Gate process in new product development ensures that we cover all the critical areas of our customer’s product creation and manufacturing process. The review of material with our suppliers to the inspection method by our employees results in the confidence our customers have come to depend on.

Partner with a company that expands your knowledge base and process alternatives many only can wish to realize. We at Teel Plastics value working with our partners from the developing to the continuous improvement stages. If you have a product or process that demands excellence in process and design inputs – call us at Teel Plastics. We are measurably better in our products and in developing partnerships that last thru typical product life cycles.

Our New Product Development process includes the following key elements

  • CDA’s with all partners
  • Patent application or process development
  • Inspection process
  • Product compliance definition/creation
  • Material alternatives
  • Project management

Profit and Market Penetration

We value being part of the nascent stage to help define and create processes that ensure long-term product viability.

Form, Fit and Function

Our business partners work in concert to meet and define your product needs. We seek out unique product and process partners that create opportunities for us to leverage our technologies across all our manufacturing platforms. Our partnerships with many companies and businesses have ages greater than 40 years.

Expand Your Resources with Teel Plastics

Prototyping is key to us defining the process and product limitations – let us be part of your New Product Development process.