Extrusion Capabilities

Teel Plastics has been utilizing and defining the extrusion process since 1951. The processing of materials into products that provide value has played a significant part in our success. The processing of resins to our customers critical design specifications has been a key part in defining our manufacturing capabilities.

The equipment used to complete our processes range from 1” to 3.5” single screw extruders, as well as conical twin screw extruders. The range of extruder sizes enables us to fit the material/process to the extruder. This results in lower costs, less lead-time and equipment to custom fit to your product. The ability to complete coextruded products enables us to reduce cost and add value to your product. At Teel, mono- to seven- layer tubes are viewed as standard products. Our tooling capabilities go unmatched in the industry.

The process of extrusion does not go with out validation at Teel. We utilized in-line data gathering techniques that enable us to control the process to product specifications our customers require. At-line gauging and data acquisition allows us to communicate and continuously improve the process in a methodical process.

Our material control system enables us to purchase materials specific to your product requirements. Each material is provided a TPN (Teel part number) that allows us to trace and control what extruder, dryer, die, and secondary operation the material is associated with. Minimizing scrap generation and reducing the value stream length are key outputs from our state of the art material management system.

The equipment used to size the product is capable of product sizes ranging from .050” up to 10” diameters. The tanks used to size the product vary in length and cooling capacity depending upon material selection and line rate. Our cutting technology is capable of +/-.010” and up depending upon product size and line rate. The cutters used are standard fly-knife to internal rotary cutters that are capable of deburring a product or placing a chamfer onto the product as well.

Teel is capable of adding value to the product at the extrusion line as well. We can deburr, punch, print, in-line painting, special package and assemble products at-line or off-line depending upon your product requirements.

Teel’s extruded plastic tubing and plastic core capabilities:

  • Extruders from 1” up to 3.5”
  • Twin screw extruders CMT: 35mm & 65mm
  • Sizing equipment including atmospheric, open water tanks, vacuum calibration
  • Each line has independent water temperature control
  • Material handling including silos for large bulk management and internal bulk storage with direct line support thru dryers as needed
  • Line speeds from IPM (inches per minute) to hundreds of FPM
  • Fly knife and saws for in-line cutting
  • In-line cutting size range from .05” to 10.00”
  • Planetary rotary cutters

At-line/Off-line value added steps:

  • In-line printing
  • In-line painting
  • Co-extrusion
  • Multi-layered-extrusion (MLE) up to 7 layers
  • Punching
  • Chamfering
  • Deburring
  • Product wrapping/packaging
  • Assembly including glue/snap and fit/interference
  • Flame treating
  • Natural fiber composites processing 

Product inspection:

  • In-line gauges
  • At-line gauges
  • Product testing (specific to end use)
  • Statistical data acquisition

Coextruded plastic tubing qualities:

  • Puncture and wear resistance
  • A barrier protecting the environment from toxic substances
  • A barrier protection to blood, human tissues, and gases
  • A flavor barrier in FDA approved materials
  • A translucent barrier to moisture, oxygen, or solvents
  • The ability to combine materials to create various physical properties