Natural Fiber Compounder | Fiber Reinforced Composites

Technical Solutions

Teel Plastics offers its custom compounding capabilities to customers. We take a solution driven approach to your requirements backed by our depth of knowledge and analytical capabilities. Allow us to develop a smart solution for your material needs.

Custom Natural Fiber Compounds

Teel Plastics has a long history of developing custom natural fiber compounds for demanding applications. Teel has been working with natural fibers in thermoplastic resin systems for over a decade. We have experience compounding wood fiber, rice hulls, coconut shells, flax and more in a variety of resin systems. Our custom natural fiber compounds have been used for everything from specialty cosmetic packaging products to building structural components.

Barrier Compounds

Teel developed a line of high performance barrier materials for demanding applications. These materials can be utilized in many ways to improve the form, fit and function of a product ranging from use as a protective barrier against contamination, adhesive tie layer between two incompatible polymers, oxygen perseveration to maintain/increase the self life of a product as well as a permeation barrier to various gas, liquids or vapors that the product may be associated with.

Twin Screw Compounding

We use twin screw compounding technology to get excellent dispersion of a variety of materials. The system is fully customizable to allow us to create optimal run conditions for your product. We have the ability to custom blend materials in powder, liquid and pellet form. We can do pilot scale to small production lots, from less than one hundred to several thousand pounds. The compounding line is in a dedicated facility and run by specially trained personnel. We can develop a specialized Certificate of Analysis and QC program for your material. In addition, we have fully online data logging to assure traceability of materials.

Analytical Capabilities

Teel Analytical Laboratories is a full service analytical laboratory for testing and validating the properties of materials we produce. We can provide information on the compounds we produce, including melt temperature, percent crystallinity, fiber dispersion and percent inorganic filler. We can even use our lab to reverse engineer competitive products or add intelligence to a compound you currently use.