Differential Scanning Calorimeter 1 (DSC 1) Testing Services

The Mettler Toledo DSC 1 measures changes in enthalpy of thermal transitions. The instrument houses two highly accurate sensors, one for a reference pan and one for the sample itself. The two pans are placed in a furnace and heated. The instrument measures the amount of energy needed to keep both of the pans the same temperature as the sample undergoes exothermic (releases heat) and endothermic (absorbs heat) transitions.

Test methods
ASTM E1858
ASTM D3418
Characterizing the glass transition (Tg)
Characterizing the melt transition (Tm) and %crystallinity
Characterizing thermoset or cure reactions
Oxidation Induction Time

Measurements from the DSC can be used for a variety of different applications.

Routine QA/QC
Statistical Process Control charting can be done on thermal properties of materials to establish the average values of thermal transitions and the lot to lot variation for each material. This information is valuable in determining the performance of the material within the process and product, and also when evaluating the suitability of a competing supplier or replacement material. It also is highly valuable for evaluating reprocessed materials.

Evaluation of thermal properties from a known “good” sample against a “problem” sample can show differences in thermal properties that can lead to the source of the solution. This becomes easier if libraries of information are established for materials on a routine basis as described above.

New Product Development
The %crystallinity of a material is directly related to a product’s strength and rigidity. The %crystallinity of materials and crystallization rates can be determined to use in the design of cooling lines.

Thermoset formulations can have their reactions characterized showing the onset of the reaction and the amount of heat released/absorbed by the reaction. This information can be used to show how new additives or reagents affect the reactions shortening development time.

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